Stimulating Workshops

Get spiritually refreshed, inspired, and encouraged—no matter where you serve. You’ll find practical workshops geared toward your specific area of ministry, but feel free to attend any session you wish.



Pastors · Associate Pastors
Youth Pastors

Learn from seasoned pastors who have been where you are. They’ll challenge you to grow your love for your ministry and the people you serve. Last year’s topics included “Defeating Depression in the Ministry” and “Family First: Balancing Ministry and Family Life.”



Music Directors · Musicians

Attend sessions on church music that show you how to minister with spiritual discernment, dedication, and creativity. Topics from last year included “Mountains and Molehills in Music—What’s Really Important” and “Worship and Music: Say What You Mean.”



Pastors’ Wives · Ladies · Staff

Staff and ladies will love the special sessions on serving in the church and home. “Joy in Your Daily Walk” and “In the Front Seat on the Passenger Side” were two of the sessions enjoyed last year.